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Parineeti Serial Cast And Leading Roles:

The cast members of this show, who are involved in the Indian drama industry, have a sizable fan following due to their acting and performances in the serials. The excellent performances of the cast were the main reason why the public fell in love with this serial. The lead actor, Aukur Verma, is a well-known actor from India. He plays Ranjeev. Parineet was represented by the well-known Indian model and actress Anchal Sahu. Neeti was represented by Tanvi Dogra. 

Parineeti Realse Date:

A popular Indian drama in the Hindi language, Parineetii debuted on Colors TV in February 2022 and quickly won over viewers thanks to the cast’s incredible performances.

Parineeti Producer :

This serial was produced by Ekta and Shobha Kapoor, and it was directed by Muzammil Deasi under the director’s Kut Production.

Parineeti Written Updates With Full Storyline:

Parineet and Neeti, who have been friends since they were kids, are in the story. Because they were friends, they both became famous and were often called Parineeti. After college, they go their separate ways. Parineet’s dad was rich, so she left the town alone, and Neeti moved to a new city for work. After a while, Parineet met a boy named Ranjeev. Rajeev thought he was very important and lied about loving Parineet so he could get her money. After they got married, Ranjeev got all the property and went to live in the city, leaving Parineet alone in the small village. Here, he used the fake name of Sanju and went to live with his uncle. When he met Neeti in Mumbai, he told her that he worked for a company and wanted to marry her because of that.

Neeti doesn’t know that Ranjeev is Sanju, and they are planning to get married. But Pari went to Mumbai to find her husband. She met Neeti there and took her back home. Pari then told Neeti the whole story. On their wedding day, Pari found out that Sanju’s real name is Ranjeev. She felt bad for Neeti and wanted to tell her the truth, but also wanted to be with her husband. Neeti and Sanju got married to each other. Because of this, they stop being friends, and Pari goes back to the village after leaving Ranjeev.

Taoji and Amit are dancing to cheer up the ladies. Pami asked Pari to get the Kalash. Sukwinder is advised by Bebe to not be too nice to Sanju. She says he likes Neeti. “But he’s also married to Pari,” she says. They didn’t tell anyone, even though we wanted to know everything before it happened. Sukwinder says Neeti learned something. Is Pari still here? Yes, Neeti says. She stays here. Karwa Chauth came just as I was getting ready to leave the house. She shows no shame. This is where she called me.

I’ll talk to her. Chandrika asked Paari, “Why did you call Sukwinder. ” She doesn’t like seeing you here. Neeti is lonely, Pari says. We can’t see her sadness. She has no idea where she is. She didn’t say anything to me. I didn’t know how to make her understand. I called her to check in and see how she was doing. She will overcome her pain. Chandrika says you will always love her and never stop. Chandrika is walking away. Sukwinder asks Pari why she is still in the house, and she responds by calling him “Choti ma. ” Sukwinder says, “I am not your little mother. ” I don’t like that you are lying. 

Parineeti Serial Gossip:

 Please come back and watch the upcoming episodes of this TV series for free on our website Serialcast. In the upcoming episodes, Neeti finds out that Sanju is Ranjeev. She felt bad for being mean to her friends and went to look for Pari.

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