The popular Indian TV program Parineeti debuted on Colors TV in February 2021. Because of its unique plot and outstanding performances by the cast, this show rose to fame. The crowd found it quite enjoyable. The show is produced by Balaji Telefilms’ Ekta Kapoor and directed by Muzammil Deasi.

 The story of Parineeti in this episode, Parineet, and Neeti, two friends, discuss how their friendship broke down due to their inability to communicate with one another. Following their graduation from college, Parineet married Rajeev, a self-centered man. He feigned to adore Parineet because he wanted her money. He left her after their marriage and moved to Mumbai, where he took on the name Sanju. Without notifying his wife Pari, he intended to marry Neeti. After searching for Rajeev, Pari discovered that he was wed to Neeti.

Eventually, upon attempting to inform her friend Neeti that he was her spouse. Their friendship ends when she misinterprets it. Stay in touch with us to view all of the next episodes of this program, which are available to view on our website Serialcast for free.

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