Maddam sir

Maddam sir is an Indian comedy drama serial of police cops. Cases and characters in the drama serial try to add fun through their comedy and they want to solve the cases with more sensitivity that come to their police station. 


Premiere of the drama was premiered on Sony SAB on 24 February 2020 but drama was on aired on Sony LIV. 


The series is revolving around Lucknow-based female cops of a police station and one male official who work at a Mahila Police headquarters that comprises of S.H.O. Haseena Mallik, S.I. Karishma Singh, Pushpa Singh and head Constable Cheeteshwar Chaturwedi. Billu Champat helps them who was a prisoner but later becomes spy. Karishma Singh is touchy while Haseena Malik likes to solve cases with kindness and care which at times makes a contention between them. 

DSP Anubhav Singh is a trained official. He is also a spy in IB; as well as the cousin of Karishma. He comes to know the distinctions among them and becomes successful in it. Despite their disparities, they really consider one another. The Thana keeps settling different cases. 

Anubhav proposes to Haseena, who accepts, but later she finds out that he only pretended to love her for a national security mission. After the mission is successful, Anubhav realizes that he was wrong to use Haseena and that he actually loves her. He apologizes, confesses his feelings, and proposes marriage, but she fears another heartbreak and rejects him. However, they grow closer over time, and Haseena eventually accepts his proposal. On their engagement day, Anubhav is ordered to leave for a dangerous mission and leave Haseena behind, but circumstances bring them back together later.

The police station gets a humanoid named ASI Mira for a trial period to test if she can learn human emotions. Karishma and Meera work together on cases, using Haseena’s philosophy. While returning to the station, Haseena collides with a secret agent carrying a hard drive with information on all secret agents. After failing to get the drive, boss of the culprit (who kills the agent) hacks Mira (humanoid robot). He orders her to kill Haseena Malik. Mira follows his orders and shoots, but realizes her mistake and informs everyone. The police dismantle Mira to prevent another hack and everyone, including Karishma, salutes her for attaining emotions that Haseena wanted to instill. 

The plot is too lengthy to explain as each episode contains an interesting and fun twist. For knowing the whole story and plot, give a shot to maddam sir and start watching now! 

Other characters and guests: 

The drama is full of fun and countless characters. Maddam sir each episode appears some new characters related to certain new case. So the list is never ending.

Main Cast  

  Gulki Joshi is playing the role of SHO Haseena Malik who is very kind hearted offer always taking pity on criminals. She wants to end crimes that is why she always handles cases with intelligence and care and also stops her colleague cop Karishma from doing something wrong in rage. The title of the drama “maddam sir” is also due to the reason that her team mates call her with this name. 

  • Karishma Singh is the close and protective friend of Haseena Malik who is strict in dealing with criminals. She is irritated with Haseena’s lenient style but end up helping Haseena Malik in solving cases and handling criminals. 
  • Kaushalya Singh is twin sister of Karishma who leaves home for becoming an actress but later joins cop after leaving acting AND reconciling with her sister Karishma.  
  • Sonali pandit is playing role of head constable “Pushpa Singh” who is oldest member of MPT. She always fights with Karishma on little things but innerly loves her very much. She has a dream of solving and leading at least one case before retirement. 
  • Yashkant Sharma is playing role of constable “Cheeteshwar Chaturwedi” also called cheetah. He is women’s psychologist at MPT and has one sided love for Santosh who rejects him but later accept proposal after his depression phase.  
  • Ajay Jadhav is acting as billishwar champat who was a thief but returns to become spy on criminals for helping police. He loves to live in jail because he got no other place to live. 
  • Bhavika Sharma is playing the role of cybercrime specialist named Santosh Sharma who is also interest of cheetah. She is a childish character but is good at solving internet related problems and wants to get high rank before getting married. 


The first episode was released on 24 February 2020.till date over 730 episodes have been on aired and continued. 

Drama Development: 

The name of this Indian drama serial was “Mahila police station” when it was premiered. But later it was changed to maddam sir. 

Casting change: 

Bhavika Sharma later left the series as she was not satisfied with her character. According to her, her character had no growth in whole series. 


The series faced its first controversy in February 2023 with an alleged war of words between lead Gulki Joshi and Shipla Shinde. Shinde, who was cast for a cameo role as Naina Mathur, accused the team of not being serious about work and not giving her a satisfactory role. However, Joshi and Sonali Naik countered by stating that if they were unprofessional, the show wouldn’t have lasted for three years. Joshi also added that the audience is the best judge and that Shinde’s comments would eventually be forgotten. 

Awards or nominations of the drama:  

Drama “maddam sir” is very popular in public and has been nominated for best actor, best director, popular drama, and popular actress by Indian tally awards and Indian television academy awards. 

Where you can watch maddam sir? 

Maddam sir is on aired on Sony LIV but was premiered on Sony SAB in Feb.; can watch all episodes on Sony LIV. 

Some other basic info about maddam sir  

  • Production

Jay Production Company

  • Producers: Jay Mehta, Kinnari Mehta 
  • Cinematography: Rahul B Soni Editors: Pankaj Kathpal, Rahul Mathur
  • Camera Setup: Multi-Camera 
  • Release: Original Release: February 24, 2020 – present 
  • Original Network: Sony SAB 
  • Picture Format: 576i, HDTV 1080i 
  • Audio Format: Dolby Digital
  •  Genre:  Drama is wrapped in Comedy, Drama also packed with mild Action 
  • Created by: Jay Mehta 
  • Writing: The interesting comedy drama maddam sir is written by Deepak Malik, Devang Kakkad, Vikas Sharma, Sameer Garud, and Laurence Joseph John 
  •  Screenplay by:  Screenplay of drama is done by Deepak Mallik, Devang Kakkad Vikas Sharma, and Sameer Garud  
  • Story:  Story of drama is written by Priya Mishra  
  • Directed by: Director of maddam sir is Hemen Chauhan and Creative Director is Tayyab Mallik 
  • Starring:  Main stars or cast include Gulki Joshi, Yukti Kapoor, Sonali Pandit Naik  
  • Theme Music Composer:  Beautiful Theme music for maddam sir is composed by Lalit Sen  
  • Opening Theme: Maddam Sir theme music  
  • Country of Origin:  The drama is made in India and is Indian production. 
  •  Original Language: the language of drama is Hindi only. 
  • Number of Episodes: Drama is being streamed from 24 Feb. 2020 and till day there are more than 730 episodes of this drama and continued.   
  • Running Time:  
  • The average running time of drama is between 22-26 minutes. 


Drama is full of fun and comedy Serialcast. Its comedy and fun has made this drama popular in the popular from the day of its release. You must give it a shot by watching all episodes on our website

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