Bekaboo is an Indian supernatural drama that started airing on March 18, 2023 on Colors Tv. The drama was produced under Balaji Telefilms by Ekta Kapoor. The drama story is based on the novel Beauty and the Beast. The main star cast of the drama are Shalin Bhamot, Monalisa and Eisha Singh. 

Name Bekaboo
Genre Supernatural, Supernatural fiction 
Creator Ekta Kapoor 
Produced by Shoba Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
No. of Seasons 1
No. of episodes 10 episodes as of now 
Running Time 40 – 52 minutes 
Camera Setup Multicamera
Composer of Theme music  Nawab Arzoo, Lalit Sen 
Show timing Saturday, Sunday, 8:00 PM
Original Airing Network Colors Tv
Release date March 18, 2023 – Ongoing 

Bekaboo Cast Real Names:

Bekaboo Serial Cast real names are the following:

Bekaboo Main Cast:

The real names of the Main cast of drama serial Bekaboo are following:

Real Name Name in the Drama Role Played
Shalin Bhanot Pratham Raichand  Balaka’s son, Yamini, Ashwat’s elder brother, Yamini’s half-brother, Mallika’s ex-fiancée, Bela’s husband, Ranav, Aditya, Udit and Naksh’s uncle,
Shalin Bhanot Ranav Raichand  Ashwat’s son, Shekhar, Yamini and Pratham’s nephew, Valaka’s grandson.
Eisha Singh  Bela Ranav Raichand  Devlekha’s reincarnation, Arvind and Deepa’s daughter, Vijay’s ex-fiancèe, Pratham (spirit)’s wife
Antara Biswas  Yamini Shekar  Balaka’s daughter, Pratham and Ashwat’s half-sister, Ranav’s aunt, Shekhar’s wife, Aditya, Udit and Naksh’s mother


Bekaboo Support Role Cast:

The real names of the support role cast of drama serial Bekaboo are following:

Real Name  Name in the Drama Role Played
Abhishek Kumar  Aditya Shekar  Yamini and Shekhar’s son, Pratham and Ashwat’s nephew, Balaka’s grandson, Naksh and Udit’s brother, Ranav’s cousin, Pratham and Ashwat’s nephew, Mallika’s husband
Chetan Hansraj  Shekhar Raichand  Yamini’s husband, Aditya, Udit and Naksh’s father
Himani Sahani  Mallika Aditya Raichand  MLA’s daughter, Aditya’s wife, Pratham (spirit)’s ex-fiancée
Sanjay Sawaraj  MLA Mallika’s Father
Neel Motwani  Vijay  Bela’s ex-fiancèe
Bakul Thakkar  Arvind  Bela’s father, Deepa’s husband
Richa Soni  Deepa  Bela’s mother, Arvind’s wife
Rushal Parakh  Naksh Shekhar Raichand  Yamini and Shekhar’s son, Aditya and Udit’s brother, Ranav’s cousin, Pratham and Ashwat’s nephew, Balaka’s grandson
Viral Yadav  Udit Shekar Raichand  Yamini and Shekhar’s son, Aditya and Naksh’s brother, Ranav’s cousin, Pratham and Ashwat’s nephew, Balaka’s grandson
Ravi Jhankal  Kaka 


Plot story of the drama serial Bekaboo:

The drama story revolves around a Devil and Angel who were once in love with each other but misunderstanding got them away from each other and Angel ended up killing the Devil and then also killed herself. They get reincarnated to complete what was left. The drama starts with some young girls running in fear of Rakshas, and next morning all people talk about the incident that happened and a young man asks an old man about this who tells him about Rakshas who live in Jahanum Lok. 

The old man also told him about Balaka who is praying to God to get Asiastra that will allow all Rakshas to enter the earth whenever they will want. Balaka’s son Ashwat and Pratham fight against Rakhshas who try to harm peoples. Balaka’s daughter is a bad Rakhshas and she doesn’t want her father to get Asiastra. An Angel named Devlekha comes to earth to stop Balaka from mediating and getting what he wanted. Devlekha uses the brother and makes them fall in love with her. Ashwat confesses to her but Pratham fails to confess. Yamini gets to know that Devlekha is an Angel and she uses this to make the brothers fight. 

Pratham gets to know the truth and traps Devlekha and in anger Devlekha stabs him and then kills herself. She gets reincarnated as Bela and has power to read others minds but is unaware that she was once an Angel. She keeps dreaming of her past life and gets scared. Bela participates in a poetry competition and Mallika steals Bela’s poetry that was about Angle and Devi and narrates it before Yamini, Ashwath’s sister who gets furious but calms herself and gets invited to party by her.  

Yamini son attack some girl but she manages to save herself and posts a video on social media that she was attacked by some creatures, on which Yamini scolds her sons. She orders hers son’s to kill her as she is spreading to much. Ranav gets beaten by Yamini’s son and he gets sad over his life. Bela father forces her to marry. Rakshasas try to kill the girl for spreading about them but Ranav comes there and tries to save her. Ranav gets unconscious. When he walks up, he is not himself but Pratham who entered his body. 

Pratham gets to know that his brother died and Ranav was his brother’s son who was also killed on which he vows to get the truth. Yamini tried to steal a diamond but Pratham destroyed her plan. Mallika engagement gets fix with Adi, but Ranav breaks the engagement and decides to marry her, himself. Bela warns Mallika to stay away from Ranav as she thinks he is not what he looks. After some time, she gets to know that Ranav is Rakhshas. Then she also discover that she is not someone normal. 

After some up and down she gets her memories from past life back and decides to kill Ranav, by making him do suicide as Rakhshas can only be killed if they kill themselves. Adi tries to stop the marriage of Ranav and Mallika and for that he kidnaps Mallika to get forcefully married. Ranav reaches there to stop the marriage and beats him. To save Mallika from Ranav, Bela sits in her place in Mandip. As Ranav discover that he married Bela not Mallika he gets angry and leaves from their saying he will never accept her as his wife. Bela gets into danger and Ranav saves her but later its revealed that it was all planned by Bela.

Bekaboo Upcoming plot twist:

In upcoming episodes of the drama Ranav will try opening the door in his house that was locked for years, and then he will realize that Bela is not a normal girl as she looks.

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