Katha Ankahee

The Hindi TV audience has impatiently waited for the arrival of Katha Ankahee, a Sony TV serial. It is a unique concept that explores the subject of the popular Turkish drama series, One Thousand and One Nights, in the Indian television industry. The drama features Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan as its stars. It premiered on Sony Entertainment Television on December 5th, 2022.

Overview of serial  

The drama serial revolves around Katha, a single mother who struggles to afford her son Aarav’s medical treatment. Despite working on multiple jobs, the cost of Aarav’s treatment for fourth-stage Blood Cancer remains out of her reach. This leaves her feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. 

At the same time, the show explores the character of Viaan Raghuwanshi, a man with trust issues towards women. His past experiences have made him to believe that women only want money, as his father also had left his mother for a younger and more beautiful woman. 

Plot of the drama  

Katha, the protagonist of the drama, is a single mother who works as an architect with several other part-time jobs to make ends meet. On the other hand, Viaan is portrayed as a professional and cold-hearted individual. 

The plot of the show revolves around Katha’s struggles as her son, Aarav, battles blood cancer. In order to pay for his treatment, Katha feels herself forced to accept her boss’s indecent offer of spending a night with him. This highlights the horrible financial circumstances she finds herself in.

Katha and Viaan encounter:  

  • Katha, played by Aditi Sharma, is a single mother who juggles between being an architect, part-time adviser, and even a yoga instructor to earn extra money. Her son, Aarav, is suffering from blood cancer and urgently needs surgery and medical attention to survive. However, Katha cannot afford the total cost of his treatment which is approximately 1.5 crore. This leaves her in a dilemma and she is stressed. She is known for her kind-heartedness and is always willing to help others. 
  • In contrast, Viaan, which is played by Adnan Khan, is portrayed as a distant and professional individual in his dealings with people and business. He handles his business affairs with expertise, but he has trust issues when it comes to women. He believes that every woman is after money. This opinion of him arises from his father leaving his mother for a younger and more attractive woman. 

The twists in drama serial Katha Ankahee: 

  • The paths of Katha and Viaan cross when she competes to be the lead designer for one of his upcoming projects. However, due to her son falling ill, she arrives late to the meeting, leading to an unpleasant encounter with Viaan. But Katha compensates for it with her presentation and an idea, which helps Viaan get the Dubai project. 
  • The story takes a turn when Katha receives a call from the doctor. On call she is informed about her about donor for Aarav’s treatment. However, the cost of the treatment is estimated to be around Rs 1.5 crore, leaving Katha stressed and scramble for ways to raise the money within a week. 
  • Apart from the storyline, the show is receiving praise for its talented cast, featuring Aditi Sharma, Adnan Khan, and Ajinkya Sharma, who fit perfectly into their roles. The dialogues of the show are modern and different from other daily dramas. Aditi’s character is dressed perfectly, unlike most female characters on TV, and Viaan’s corporate look suits him well.

Basic production details of Katha Ankahee; 

  • Genre: Drama  
  • Idea taken from (Based on):Binbir Gece (Turkish series ) 
  • Directed by: Ravi Bhushan 
  • Starring includes: Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan 
  • Country of Origin: India 
  • Original Language: Hindi  
  • No. of Seasons: 1   
  • No. of Episodes: continued 


  • Produced by: Sunjoy Waddhwa 
  • Camera setup: Multi-camera 
  • Running time approx.: 24  minutes 
  • Product company: Sphere Origins 
  • Distributor : Culver Max Entertainment  Release 
  • Original network: Sony Entertainment Television 
  • Picture format: 576i HDTV 1080i 
  • Audio format: Dolby Digital 
  • Original release: 5 December 2022 –  Present 

Main Cast 

  • Aditi Sharma is playing the role of Katha Singh, a single mother and also the widow of Aditya. She is Aarav’s mother. 
  • Adnan Khan is  portraying the character of Raghuwanshi Teji and Viraj’s son. He is also Katha’s boss. 
  • The lead role of “Viaan” in the drama serial was initially offered to Mohit Malik, but due to his prior commitments, he couldn’t join the cast.
  •  Eventually, Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan were signed as the leads, playing the roles of Katha and Viaan, respectively.
  •  Samar Vermani and Sheen Dass were also cast as other leads in the show.
  •  In November 2022, it was confirmed that Vishal Gandhi would be making a cameo appearance in the series. 


Shooting is done mainly in the Film City in Mumbai. The series is set in the bustling city with shooting starting in November 2022. 


On 14 October 2022, the teaser of the series was released. It replaced the show Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala from 5 December 2022

Katha Ankahee Timing & Repeat Telecast Timing 

Katha Ankahee premiered its first episode on 5 December 2022 and currently airs on Sony TV from Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM, with a repeat telecast at the same time slot. Each episode runs for around 21-24 minutes. As of now, the show is ongoing and its final episode has not reached yet. 

The fantastic role played by the stunning actors and actresses

The television serial Katha Ankahee has a talented Serialcast, with Adnan Khan, Aditi Sharma, Ajinkya Mishra, Samar Vermani, and Sheen Dass leading the show. The characterization and casting are the strongest elements of the series. 

  • Adnan Khan presented his character Viaan flawlessly, while Aditi Sharma’s portrayal of Katha’s anxiety to collect funds for her son’s operation tugs at viewers’ heartstrings.
  •  Azinkya Mishra, who plays Katha’s son Aarav, delivers an impressive performance, particularly in scenes where Katha teaches him to regulate his breathing. 
  • Samar Virmani’s portrayal of Viaan’s friend and work partner, Ehsaan, is refreshing.  His scenes with Viaan remind us of the importance of having a close friend. 
  • Vinay Rohrra’s Aditya Garewal and Aditi Sharma’s Katha have an amazing chemistry, and the audience desire for romantic flashbacks between them. 
  • Vishal Gandhi delivers a strong performance as Aarav’s doctor, and Gireesh Sahdev and Jyoti Gauba are convincing as the parents of the deceased Aditya. 
  • Sheen Dass’s Rewa is also well-cast, and Manoj Chandila’s intimidating performance adds depth to the serial. 
  • The scene where Katha proposes at the Gurudwara and the scene between Katha and her father-in-law are particularly moving and left the audience emotional. 


The tempo of the story is very good. Katha Ankahee is an excellent drama showing how a single mother can bear pains and pressure for bringing health to her child suffering from cancer without giving up. Particularly the role played by Aditi Sharma for Katha is very excellent. You can watch this mind blowing serial on our website. You can find all episodes here. Cheers! 

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