Dharam Patni

Dharam Patni: 

Dharam Patni is an Indian drama that was produced by Ekta Kapoor. The drama starting airing on November 28, 2022 on Colors Tv and is still an ongoing drama. The main lead cast of the drama are Fahmaan Khan and Kritika Singh Yadav.  

Name Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatnii
Genre Drama, Romance
Directed By Muzammil Desai 
Created by Ekta Kapoor 
Written by  Anvil Nagpal, Kavita Nagpal
Produced by Ekta Kapoor 
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
No. of Seasons 1
No. of episodes 100 episodes as of now
Running Time 22 – 26 minutes 
Camera Setup Multicamera 
Composer of Theme music  Lalit Sen
Show timing Monday – Friday, 8 PM
Original Airing Network Colors Tv
Release date November 28, 2022 – ongoing 

Dharam Patni Cast Real Names:

Dharam Patni Serial Cast real names are the following:

Dharam Patni Main Cast:

The real names of the Main Serial Cast of Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatnii are following:

Real Name Name in the Drama Role Played
Fahmaan Khan  Ravi Randhawa  Main Lead, Amardeep and Mandeep’s son, Pratiksha’s husband
Kritika Singh Yadav  Pratiksha Randhawa  Main Female Lead, Bharvi and Jignesh’s eldest daughter, Ravi’s wife

Dharam Patni Support Role Cast:

The real names of the support role cast of drama serial Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatnii are following:

Real Name  Name in the Drama Role Played
Akash Jagga  Malhar Thakur  Pratiksha’s former fiancé, Keerti’s murderer
Gurpreet Bedi  Keerti Sachdev Gulshan and Manvi’s elder daughter, Ravi’s former fiancé, Kavya’s elder sister
Syed Ashraf Karim Jignesh Parekh  Bharvi’s husband, Pratiksha, Kinjal and Parul’s father, Prateek’s elder brother
Tasneem Khan  Kinjal Parekh  Jignesh and Bharvi’s second daughter, Pratiksha’s younger sister, Parul’s elder sister.
Utkarsha Naik Hansa Prateek Parekh  Prateek’s wife, Pratiksha, Kinjal and Parul’s aunt
Vijay Badlani  Prateek Parekh  Hansa’s husband, Pratiksha, Kinjal and Parul’s uncle, Jignesh’s younger brother
Rose Khan  Parul Parekh  Jignesh and Bharvi’s youngest daughter, Pratiksha and Kinjal’s younger sister.
Aditi Shetty  Kavya Sachdev  Gulshan and Manvi’s younger daughter, Keerti’s younger sister, Ravi’s former fiancé
Amit Singh Thakur  Amardeep  Supreet’s elder son, Vikrant and Harneet’s elder brother, Ravi and Amaira’s father, Mandeep’s husband, Aditya and Nupur’s uncle
Shireen Mirza  Mandeep Amardeep  Amardeep’s wife, Ravi and Amaira’s mother, Aditya and Nupur’s aunt
Ashita Dhawan  Dolly Vikrant Randhawa  Vikrant’s wife, Nupur’s mother, Ravi, Aditya and Amaira’s aunt
Neha Prajapati  Harneet Gurmeet  Gurmeet’s wife, Amardeep and Vikrant’s younger sister, Aditya’s mother, Ravi, Amaira and Nupur’s aunt
Bobby Khanna  Vikrant Randhawa  Supreet’s younger son, Amardeep’s younger brother, Harneet’s elder brother, Dolly’s husband, Nupur’s father, Ravi, Aditya and Amaira’s uncle
Saurabh Agarwal  Gurmeet Dhillon  Harneet’s husband, Aditya’s father, Ravi, Amaira and Nupur’s uncle
Daljeet Soundh  Supreet  Amardeep, Vikrant and Harneet’s mother, Ravi, Aditya, Amaira and Nupur’s grandmother
Manasi Bhanushali  Nupur Randhawa  Vikrant and Dolly’s daughter, Ravi, Aditya and Amaira’s cousin, Amardeep, Mandeep, Gurmeet and Harneet’s niece
Nitin Bhatia  Aditya Dhillon  Gurmeet and Harneet’s son, Ravi, Amaira and Nupur’s cousin, Amardeep, Mandeep, Gurmeet and Harneet’s nephew
Riya Bhattaharjee  Amaira Randhawa  Amardeep and Mandeep’s daughter, Ravi’s younger sister, Aditya and Nupur’s cousin, Vikrant, Dolly, Gurmeet and Harneet’s niece
Naveen Saini  Gulshan Sachdev  Manvi’s husband, Keerti and Kavya’s father
Dhruve Haldankar  Manvi Gulshan l Gulshan’s wife,Keerti and Kavya’s mother

Plotsss story of the drama serial Dharam Patni:

Dharam Patnii drama story revolves around a young school teacher named Pratiksha and a famous business tycoon named Ravi Randhawa, they cross each other’s path and their fate gets intermingled no matter how much they try to get away. The story starts with their love and hate relationship and they grow closer as they clear up misunderstandings through out the drama. 

The drama starts with the intro of Pratiksha who is a loving and caring school teacher and loves her family a lot. Her marriage was cancelled due to her in laws to be who were greedy and cared about money only. Pratiksha’s parents died while shopping for her marriage, as mall gets attacked by goons and they sacrificed their life while saving the other hostages. Pratiksha was still ready to marry Dhawal but calls off her marriage at last point when they keep demanding for wealth. 

After that they leave for Chandigarh to live with her uncle. Hansa wants to marry Pratiksha with Malhar and tries to convince Prateek, at start he doesn’t agree but later agrees. Pratiksha gets kidnapped on her way to home. Keerti also follows the goons so that she can rescue her NGO girls and also calls Ravi for help. Ravi unknowingly helps Pratiksha. Malhar reaches there and gets Pratiksha. 

Pratiksha agrees to marry Malhar on her uncle request. Ravi also proposes Keerti and they decide to get married. On the day of Pratiksha engagement Keerti goes their while following Raghu a goon and ends up being kidnap, Ravi manages to save her, but Thakur decides to kill Keerti for his own safety. Keerti and Pratiksha get close to each other as they meet coincidentally. Kavya proposes Ravi but he ignores her.

Thakur manages to kidnap Keerti again and harm her with a rod. Keerti manages to escape but ends up dying in car accident done by Malhar. Malhar flees from there in fear of being caught. Ravi decides to get revenge for Keerti’s death and while finding the culprit he ends up accusing Pratiksha as Malhar made her drive the car. Pratiksha fights for herself and gets out on bail. Ravi is set to get married to Kavya. 

Ravi gets angry on hearing about Pratiksha marriage and bail and in anger he leaves to stop the marriage and ends up marrying her for revenge. Kavya tries to commit suicide on which Ravi agrees to marry her. Manvi tries to keep Pratiksha away from marriage destination so that she will not be able to stop the marriage. Pratiksha reaches the destination and tries her best to stop the marriage. With the help of Parineeti, she manages to sit in Kavya place in mandap. 

Dharam Patni Upcoming Plot twist:

In upcoming plot twist Prateek will comes there and will try to stop the marriage. The police will come to arrest Kavya, and Pratiksha sitting in mandap will get tensed. Whether Pratiksha will be able to marry Ravi or the problems will stop her from doing so it will be all revealed in upcoming episodes.

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