Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Andekha

“Ali Baba,” the Indian fantasy television series, brings to life the timeless tale of the legendary character from the Arabian Nights. The show explains the journey of Alibaba, an orphan from Kabul’s Mamuli Gali, as he takes on the responsibility of caring for and protecting five other orphan children. Despite facing numerous challenges, Alibaba never loses his determination to keep his family together and safe. Whether you’re a fan of classic tales or just love a good story, Ali Baba is a must-watch series that promises to leave a lasting impact. 

The number of episodes  

The Indian television series “Ali Baba” has seen two seasons thus far. The first season consisted of 126 episodes, premiering on August 22, 2022 and ending on January 14, 2023. The second season has started airing from January 16, 2023 to the present. 

Some basic details about Indian drama serial Ali Baba: 

    • “Ali Baba” is an Indian television series with two seasons serialcast
    • It is also referred to as “Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul Chapter 1” and “Ali Baba: Ek Andaaz Andekha Chapter 2.” 
  • Alind Srivastava and Nisser Parvej have created this series and Maan Singh Manku and Ravi Bhushan are the directors
  • The cast includes Sheezan Mohammed Khan, Tunisha Sharma, Karthik Jayaram, Sayantani Ghosh, and Abhishek Nigam. 
  • The theme music was composed by Souvyk Chakraborty, and the opening theme is “Ali Baba.”
  •  The show is in Hindi and Urdu and has a running time of 20-25 minutes. 
  • The series is produced by Peninsula Parvez and Alind Srivastava and distributed by Culver Max Entertainment.
  • It was shot using multi-camera setup and released in 576i and HDTV 1080i picture format with Dolby Digital audio. 
  • The series premiered on Sony SAB on August 22, 2022 and continues to air today. 

Main cast of Ali baba: 

The cast of the Indian fantasy television series “Ali Baba” includes several talented actors, each bringing their unique style to the roles they portray. 

  • Sheezan Mohammed Khan stars as the lead character, Ali Baba, who is an orphan and the caretaker of five other children. This character was originally portrayed by Sheezan in the first season, but was later replaced by Abhishek Nigam in the second season.
  •  Subhan Khan played the role of young Ali Baba in the first season. 
  • Tunisha Sharma plays the role of Princess Mariam, the daughter of Sultan Shah Zuhaid and the love-interest of Ali Baba. 
  • In the series, Mariam is known as Marjina, using a fake identity to protect herself and those around her. 
  • Karthik Jayaram plays Iblis, the leader of the 40 thieves and a warrior who is feared and respected by all. This role was a cameo appearance in the first season. 
  • Sayantani Ghosh plays Simsim, a devotee of Iblis who is blessed with power and cursed to become the guardian of the cave. Simsim is also the love interest of Iblis. 


Chapter 1:

 The Tale of Kabul The story opens with Ali Baba, who lives with five orphan children, Gulrez, Imaad, Poya, Nafi, and Alifi in the Mamuli Gali of Kabul. Ali Baba is kind, poor, and unconscious of his fate and talents. He often experiences flashbacks of his childhood, where his father, Mustafa, was a sorcerer (had magical powers) who trapped 40 thieves in a curse, preventing them from leaving their stone grave until the moon was secure in the sky. Mustafa stopped their leader, Iblis, from carrying out his evil plans, but was killed in the process. Before passing, Mustafa made a prophecy that Ali would become a greater sorcerer than him and protect Kabul’s citizens, writing the “Tale of Kabul.” 

In the present day, a devotee of Iblis named Simsim sends a meteor towards the moon, freeing the 40 thieves. The thieves are on the hunt for the “talisman,” which holds Iblis’s life within it. The talisman was split into two pieces by Mustafa, with one piece in Ali’s possession. However, Ali is unaware of his destiny and the truth about the talisman.

In Kabul Shahi, the capital of Kabul, Sultan Shah Zuhaid is assassinated by his brother-in-law Saddam, who is Simsim’s partner in crime and seeks to become the Sultan. The Sultan’s daughter, Princess Mariam, is rescued by her caretaker and the commander-in-chief, but she continues to fall into danger as she trusts everyone blindly due to her sheltered upbringing. 

As Ali and Mariam cross paths, they eventually meet in the jumma bazar, where Mariam loses her part of the talisman. Ali saves Mariam from slave traders and they go on the run, seeking refuge in Hairat.

As Simsim and the 40 thieves hunt for the talisman, Ali, Mariam, and the children eventually make it back to Ali’s house. Mariam and Ali start to grow closer as they work towards their individual goals, but tragedy strikes when Qasim is killed by Simsim and the 40 thieves after discovering Ali’s identity as the guardian. The thieves threaten to kill anyone who tries to bury Qasim, forcing Ali to act as the guardian and provide a proper burial without being seen. 

Simsim resides in Ali’s house as Simijaan, but Ali goes in search of Mariam after his talisman is lost. Nafi informs Ali that Mariam has been captured by Saddam, but the only way to defeat the thieves is to use the “Noor” along with the talisman.

As Simsim resides in Ali’s house, she starts to gather information about Ali and Mariam, while trying to find the missing talisman. Meanwhile, Ali is on a mission to rescue Mariam and find the talisman before Simsim does. On his journey, he faces numerous challenges and difficulties.

With the help of the five children, Ali finally reaches the hideout of the forty thieves where Mariam is being held captive. He fights against the thieves and finally rescues Mariam and defeats Simsim. 

In the final showdown, Ali and Simsim engage in a battle of magic and spells, but with the help of the Noor and the talisman, Ali emerges victorious and frees the city of Parwaz from Simsim’s tyranny. With the forty thieves defeated and Mariam safe, Ali finally fulfills the prophecy made by his father and becomes the greatest sorcerer of all time. 

The story ends with Ali and Mariam getting married and ruling the city of Parwaz together as a powerful and just king and queen, with the five children by their side.  The story of their journey becomes the “Dastaan-E-Kabul” which is written by Ali and is passed down from generation to generation as a tale of bravery, love, and hope. 

Chapter 2: 

Ali’s plans to get to the Jadugar’s palace, where he could defeat Saaya and save the people of Parwaz. With the help of the magical jewel, Ali is able to overcome all the obstacles and reach the Jadugar’s palace. But he was not alone, as Simsim was also on his trail, determined to stop him at any cost. The two of them engaged in a fierce battle, with Ali using all his cunning and magic to defeat Simsim. 

In the end, Ali emerges victorious and Saaya is defeated. The people of Parwaz are free from her grasp, and they celebrated Ali’s bravery and victory. Ali is hailed as the hero of Parwaz, and he is given the title of Jadugar, the greatest magician in all the land. 

Marjina is also found and she is safe. She is happy to see Ali and expresses her gratitude for saving her life. The two of them get finally together, and live happily ever after. 


The end of the story marks the beginning of a new era in Parwaz, where peace and prosperity reigns. The people of Parwaz remember the tale of Ali and his bravery for generations to come, and it is passed down from father to son, mother to daughter, and so on. The story of Ali and Marjina’s love and bravery became the stuff of legends, inspiring people everywhere to stand up against evil and to fight for what is right. 

Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Andekha

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